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Most web sites nowadays are built around some form of content management, allowing a web site’s administrator the flexibility to add or change the site’s content as often as they see fit.

WmsCms is a complete multilingual web content  management system with a very easy-to-use browser based control panel .

Using your web browser you can edit and control your website instantly from pretty much any platform or location. 

Most of the content is input using a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) text editor.  This is web-based text editor requiring no additional software or tools other than your web browser.  It allows you to edit your content as it will appear on your website using familiar MS Word text editing tools, allowing non-technical staff to make changes to your website without a prior knowledge of HTML.  Formatting text, inserting images, creating links to internal, external web pages and downloadable files such as PDFs are all simple using the built in WYSIWYG editor.

WmsCms offers multi-lingual support. This allows the website administrator to enter the website’s content in a number of different languages.
Visitors to your website can then select from a list of available languages and the content is updated instantly to their selected language.

What separates WmsCms from most other multi-lingual content management systems, is that they only offer multi-lingual support for the web page’s content, we offer complete multi-lingual support throughout the site (page content, buttons, instructions, section titles... everything).

WmsCms comes as standard with full multi-lingual support for up to 5 languages. 

WmsCms is built using strict W3C usability and accessibility specifications. It fully visible to search engines and has been designed to be search engine friendly.

Along with full control of page content, users can dynamically modify Page Title, Description and Keyword meta tags globally or for each page separately making it even more accessible to search engines.

The supply of our WmsCms content management system is implemented to the concept design of your choice.

The following features come as standard:
  1. Complete control of web page content and layout with automatic dynamic drop down menu creation.
  2. Unlimited Sidebar template creation allowing any web page and sidebar combination.
  3. WYSIWYG editor for easy content entry.
  4. Multi-lingual support.
  5. The following modules:
  • Site-wide content search
  • Latest News
  • Upcoming Events
  • Polls/Surveys
  • Automated Site Map
  • Picture Galleries (main image & thumbnails resized automatically)
  • Currency  Converters
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • Subscribe to Newsletter (with Newsletter Builder that sends both HTML and plain text emails)
  • Web Form Creators
  • Membership system, linked to 5 page access levels.


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